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Legal matters clearly? Legisly content is designed to make everyday legal cases clear , such as whether torture is legal , how it is liquidated and how it is done, consumer rights and many other topics that you can even recommend to us. Don’t have time to read? Our content is constantly being prepared not only for our YouTube channel , but you will also find our 20-30 second videos on our TikTok channel, which are guaranteed to hold new information for you.


Ordinary cases

Taxation of Home Lease in 2021

Renting an apartment is easy, just as the fact of renting an apartment can easily come into the hands of the tax authorities. If you are a homeowner, be sure to consider this. Unless otherwise noted, tenants often threaten to file a tax filing with a tax authority.

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Labor law

Termination by mutual agreement? or the iron ring of labor law made of wood

There are things in life that many know badly, but not by their own fault. Such a misconception is, for example, that fish from Lake Balaton is hake or that the Viennese steak is made from pork. One of the most searched terms for termination is “termination by mutual consent”. However, it does not matter whether the half-timbered drawing sheet is A4 or Audi.

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Civil rights

Liquidation? Would you get rid of your company? As a lawyer, we are honest about the problems of liquidation and the sale of a company

In life, it can often be the case that you no longer want to be a business owner. As an owner, you may want to close down your business. In such cases, you should familiarize yourself with the liquidation and the rules for selling the company. Because maybe you have to consider many aspects that you didn’t even think about at first.

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