Comparison of bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings or insolvency proceedings

Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings are often understood in the same way in common parlance, although in reality the two proceedings are completely different. In the following article, we will explain to everyone what the difference is between these two procedures and why a company that has “gone bankrupt” in common parlance has not yet gone bankrupt.

Bankruptcy proceedings in 5 minutes, understandably

What is bankruptcy? In common parlance , the terms liquidation proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings are often used interchangeably, although the two proceedings are fundamentally different. Bankruptcy proceedings are a reorganization procedure, the purpose of which is therefore to reach an agreement between the debtor and the creditors and for the creditors to obtain their claim […]

Taxation of dividends and dividends, or how does the company’s money become my own money?

It was recently revealed in a friendly conversation that it often happens in life that entrepreneurs treat the company’s money as their own and often don’t even know in practice what a dividend is. I don’t think anyone’s blood pressure or pulse jumps when we hear a story where the shopkeeper reached into the coffers and gave his child money for the evening party. But we are not surprised when the contractor puts the consideration for the delivered goods in one of his pockets and then buys a gyro around the corner …

Simplified liquidation in 7 points

We have good news! For many companies, there is an option for a quick and cheap business termination. Simplified liquidation is already open to many companies, so you don’t have to look for a buyer for your company if you’re thinking of a secure solution. If you want to be sure and don’t want to […]