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First contactless establishment of the Legisly platform – interview with Csaba Petromán, owner of CherryMeat

The first contactless company formation using the Legisly platform

2021. We opened the Legisly platform on the evening of April 25 at 6:00 pm, where the first digitized legal services provided on the platform by Legisly’s cooperating attorneys – e.g. company formation and modification – are now available. So is contactless company formation. Luckily, the first customers arrived in the week before the opening, so there was an opportunity for a live test, the result of which is now a registered company, CM Balaton 2020 Kft. is. In addition to the competitive price, it was also important for us to map an unusual term in the subject, “client path,” as using the Legisly platform, there is no need for a face-to-face meeting between the attorney and the client or travel. So, after nearly a year of development, we report on all of this in an interview, as the next company was actually founded while sitting on the couch in our living room last Friday around eight o’clock. At the same time in Balatonalmádi, Kecskemét, Budapest and Budaörs. Pali Keczán talked to Csaba Petromán.

Through the Legisly platform, you first purchased a digital legal service, a contactless company formation. Why you used a lawyer through Legisly and why did you decide to start your business online?

In addition to our everyday lives, online solutions can make our lives easier in several areas we have never or hardly thought about. With their help, we can use our resources more efficiently, they can also push the proportion of our work and leisure time in a positive direction, and they also send a message about sustainability – so it’s just something that sympathizes with me from the beginning.

The pandemic has highlighted the need to adapt contactless solutions to newer and newer areas. By the way, in the early 2000s, we developed web platforms ourselves – like the first online TRAFFIC test – so I’m the type of person who is interested in finding and using solutions that promote residential and business use of services. Honestly, that’s why I turned to Legisly after my first hearing, because I think it’s an epoch-making solution to reinterpret and make things more believable and reasonable.

All went well? Were you satisfied with the service?

Yes, I would also like to thank the partners at Legisly for their flexible and accurate administration. I had my first experience of this kind, as a law firm came to my home through Legisly. In May we will open a special place in the Main Square of Balatonalmádi and I am very busy before the opening, so it is a great help that we were able to make an appointment for Friday evening at 8 am (this will not be general… 🙂 – KP). I sat down on the couch, checked in with Ákos and after I received the online form with the data to fill out in advance, everything was easy. In the person of Ákos, I was able to sit down with a well-prepared, competent lawyer and I got all my questions answered. Customer identification took place within minutes, I didn’t have to wait for anyone or anything, I didn’t have to stop for hours, look for a parking lot, make appointments, print unnecessarily, and I’ve been using the free TrustChain electronic signature through Legisly at my bank ever since. All in all, the targeted consumer price (39,995- + VAT) available through Legisly is more than optimal in my opinion.

Where and what exactly will the company we founded deal with?

CM Balaton 2020 Kft. I organized the reinterpreted CherryMeat under our catering unit. I have loved grilled food in my world and researched interesting and surprising solutions. This is how I came across a deserted plot on the high bank of Taharta last year, from which the most beautiful sunset of Lake Balaton unfolded before us. CherryMeat was born here, and from the second half of May 2021 we will open it in the most visited place in Balatonalmádi. We want to continue and surpass the high-level success of our first year with my staff, both in our food and in the atmosphere and experiences. We also look forward to the Legisly team and our customers to see where a successful legislys company is leading, and we won’t give you any of our 5 ratings this year either 🙂

Thanks for the conversation, so be it!

The contactless establishment of Csaba Petromán was carried out by Dr. Ákos Tallár, a partner of Giró Szász és Társai Law Office.

Contactless company formation with the Legisly platform

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