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By creating a legal content and platform provider Legisly, our goal is to make the law understandable and close to people and to provide legal services 21. century technology to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of time and place, thereby connecting the rights-seeking public with experts.

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the founders


dr. Tóth Levente

Dr. Levente Tóth


Levente was already an entrepreneur during his university years, as well as researching the practical problems of the legal profession. After winning the most prestigious national academic student competition, he decided to address the future of the legal profession as well as the future of the profession. Levente has been teaching civil procedure law at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University since 2014. After his university years, in addition to his academic life, he started working as an entrepreneur in 2010. The legal profession in Legisly is 21. sees the challenges of the 21st century and the challenges of technological change.

dr. Tallár Ákos

Dr. Ákos Tallár


Dr. Ákos Tallár, lawyer at Giró Szász és Társai Law Office. He graduated summa cum laude in 2016 from the Faculty of Law of the Eötvös Loránd University, after that he is a candidate lawyer at the Oppenheim Law Office and a Ph.D. student at the ELTE ÁJK Doctoral School. He is a former member of the board of the Budapest Bar Association, a former chairman and vice-president of the ELTE ÁJK Student Self-Government.

Keczán Pál

Pál Keczán


He is the vice-president of the ELTE ÁJK Instructor Circle and the Student Self-Government responsible for previous events. He interrupted his law studies when he decided he wanted to work in business management and branding. Working in several independent fields, the BCE student, their company, founded in 2016, is rated “AA” according to Europe’s best-known company rating system. He believes that the key to Legisly’s success is to be able to display the legal service in the consumer basket. 

Keczán Máté

Máté Keczán


Máté from Bowman and Becker Kft. is a founder and co-owner with decades of experience in IT, digital content and operations. Máté is the content manager at Legisly inhouse and he does the IT control activities.

Tallár Law Office

Legal service provider

1126 Budapest, 23 János altábornagy utca. 1 / 1l; Chamber Registration Number: 5203

Legisly as a content provider

When we think about how Legisly works , we think not only about solving problems, but also about preventing them. In the Legisly Blog – Right 1 minute section, we’ll cover general topics in a concise, straightforward way, such as whether torture is punishable , how liquidation works, and more. You should also check it out or visit our channels: YouTube , Instragram , TikTok , Facebook .

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