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In several cases, women fleeing the war may have been sexually assaulted

Legisly – Security Clever for refugees from Ukraine, especially women

During the Ukrainian war, the Legisly team is constantly trying to map out issues and problems affecting refugees and offer help or solutions to them. That is why we started the transformation of our platform in the first days, as a result of which more than 170 volunteer lawyers and law students are working so that those fleeing to Hungary can be legally informed.

In recent weeks, we have received a lot of information that foreign perpetrators are waiting for refugees in border settlements to be transported home. In this article, I would like to draw the attention of refugees to the prevention of human trafficking and / or sexual acts. Despite the excellent work being done by the state, the authorities and various aid organizations, it is worth paying attention to the borders and accommodation. We do not write this as a deterrent, but as a prevention, so please read our information below carefully and if you feel you need help, feel free to contact us through , where we provide free and online legal clinic services, only you need a smartphone and internet.

  • Don’t get in any car on the border! There is a well-organized shuttle bus at the border. Do not get in the car of suspicious / doubtful figures (primarily foreign, ie not with a Hungarian license plate). If in doubt, seek the assistance of border guards / police officers / aid organizations at the border
  • Listen to your money! If someone wants to take you off the border for a serious sum as a taxi, be sure to be careful.
  • Do not accept accommodation offers at the border immediately after you have entered! At the border, those in need are first taken to help points and information points, where various aid organizations help with accommodation and onward travel. Find the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization or the Maltese Charity Service.
  • Listen to the accommodation! Hungary is helping people in need as one person, but the same is true for accommodation. However, some may take advantage of this situation and try to solicit sexual services for accommodation. To avoid this, also ask for help at the border information points or visit or possibly

If at any time you notice a danger at the border, report it immediately to the police or (if you do not see a police officer) to any aid workers. You are safe at the borders and at the information points and the Hungarian police are helpful in everything. Important central numbers:

  • 104 (ambulances)
  • 105 (professional disaster management body)
  • 107 (body set up to carry out general police duties)
  • 112 (single European emergency number)

Don’t let them take advantage!

According to the Hungarian Penal Code, anyone who exploits a vulnerable position for work, similar activities or illegal conduct, exploiting his or her vulnerable position, commits a crime which the law classifies as trafficking in human beings and forced labor (Section 192 of the Criminal Code). Hungarian law also classifies as a criminal offense if someone accommodates someone else for this purpose. In the European Union, it is a common form of crime to take advantage of another person’s poor financial situation and, in return, to work in poor conditions, without pay, at home or even abroad. In some cases, a vulnerable person is forced into prostitution by taking his or her documents, thereby restricting his or her movement (in summary, this act is labor or sexual exploitation). According to Hungarian law, the continuation of prostitution is not a criminal offense, but it treats as a criminal offense all conduct that is related to the activity of prostitution. Thus, for example, anyone who acquires a person for the purpose of a sexual act (fence § 200 of the Criminal Code), incites another to prostitution or makes a building available for this purpose (facilitation of prostitution § 201 of the Criminal Code) commits a criminal offense.

What do you pay attention to if you want to take a job?

As a refugee, you may be in a vulnerable position, so you need to pay close attention if you take a job or are offered a job.

If you experience something similar during your work, you should contact the police immediately (tel .: 107) or call the National Crisis Management Telephone Service (+36 80 20 55 20) free of charge.

In order to prevent this, always carefully check the job offers, their source, and if possible, check the identity of the employer, even via the Internet. If in doubt, ask the aid organizations for help

Never give out your documents, especially your passport and ID card, a copy of which is usually enough to get to work. If you take a job, ask for the payment for your work, preferably in cash or through a bank transaction, and refrain from those who offer something else (housing, food, medicine) in exchange for the job.

Watch out for sexual predators!

In Hungary, sexual violence is punishable by law. It also penalizes the fact that a person, without physical violence, such as threatening to commit a sexual act that is classified as sexual coercion by law, is punishable by the Criminal Code. 196. §. If your host wants to persuade you to have sex with you and you have the prospect of having to leave the accommodation if you refuse to do so, your host may be guilty of sexual coercion. If your landlord asks you to do so, tell the Police. This crime is punishable by a private motion, so if you notify the police, it is important that you have a statement as to whether you want to prosecute, as the police can only act against the perpetrator according to your statement. If you are involved in such a crime, you may be considered a person with special treatment, on the basis of which the police will protect your data and take measures to ensure your safety.

Also listen to suspicious requests.

According to the Penal Code, a person commits money laundering who obtains money or things resulting from an illegal act committed by another, acquires the right to dispose of it, or e.g. preserve, hide, manage, use, use, or transfer to another. In Hungary, it is a criminal offense to launder money if another person opens a bank account at the request of an unknown person and passes on to an unknown person the amounts of unspecified origin, typically from an illegal source, or the disposition of the bank account. If, in exchange for an amount of money, a person you do not know asks you to open a bank account with a Hungarian bank and receive the amounts received, reject this request immediately. If you comply with the request, you will be laundering money according to the Hungarian Penal Code. If you are asked to do so, let us know immediately. To prevent this, always keep your documents and bank details with you and do not pass them on to unauthorized persons.

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