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Legal clinic general terms and conditions

The Legisly Law Clinic was set up to connect lawyers, those in legal training and people in need due to war conflicts.

The primary goal of the program is to support those in need and to enable participating, socially sensitive students to participate in social assistance during their university studies and to become professionals responsible for the social issues they undertake through their experience.

The Law Clinic provides assistance to natural persons in the field of immigration law and civil law, which does not constitute legal advice. The Law Clinic provides assistance in legal matters affecting people from areas affected by armed conflict by preparing the available information material for the given legal problem under the supervision of a law university lecturer or a lawyer, or by providing personal information depending on the capacity. Jogklinika is not yet able to provide additional legal services (editing of submissions, providing legal representation, etc.), but it cooperates with law firms, which can take over the handling of the case within the framework of pro-bono legal assistance.

All information provided to Legisly Legal Clinic will be treated confidentially in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will only be shared with attorneys or other third parties with the consent of the applicant. Upon receipt of the application, if necessary, a member of Legisly staff or a student working with the Law Clinic will contact the applicant to discuss their legal needs in more detail.

We forward this request to the lawyers or law students of the Law Clinic through the Legisly Law Clinic system, or to our lawyer and solicitor partners through our pro bono network, who can decide for themselves how to devote their strength and expertise to volunteering. The inclusion of individual cases is therefore not necessarily guaranteed.

In what cases can the Legisly Law Clinic program not help?

Legisly Jogklinika only deals with cases related to residence in Hungary. In cases where the law of Hungary is not applicable, the Legal Clinic may not act. The Legisly Law Clinic cannot act in cases where only lawyers can act, e.g. drafting a document requiring a lawyer’s countersignature (contract for the sale of real estate), representation in matrimonial proceedings, etc .; Matters relating to economic activity; Matters relating to custody or termination of custody; Cases that are ethically objectionable. The Law Clinic does not provide legal advice.