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Online legal advice and an online lawyer, or how does a lawyer get into the living room?

Imagine that you have the opportunity to talk to a lawyer about the privacy of your home or the comfort of your office. With the Legisly platform, you can book an appointment with an expert lawyer in minutes. In this article, we will also briefly show you how this happens. Choose legal certainty too 21. century way!

Online legal advice

A 21. In the twentieth century, almost everyone has a device on their desk, pocket, or bag that has Internet access and is capable of transmitting at least audio but also video. The coronavirus crisis has made digital communication widespread, and as a result, this innovation has reached the legal profession. Online legal advice is the same as traditional legal advice, but everyone stays in their comfort zone. With online legal advice, you can get legal help when you cross geographical boundaries, anytime, anywhere.

online legal advice
Online legal advice and an online lawyer are available from anywhere, anytime

Why is online legal advice good and what do you gain from it?

At first, it can be a little strange that a lawyer appears on a computer, because for centuries this profession has been practiced in a truly personal presence. However, as with other professions and business habits, online communication is becoming more common in the legal service.

Now let’s look at many other things you can gain from choosing online legal advice :

  • money because you don’t travel, you don’t refuel, you don’t park and your time stays the same
  • time , because you only deal with the issue during the online consultation … as soon as you close the screen, your focus may be different
  • comfort: peace of mind at home, comfort of the office provides a comfortable environment … online legal advice shows that clients are not as nervous and anxious as in a personal presence
  • and last but not least, you protect the environment : less travel means less pollution, and you are more environmentally conscious with less printing and paper use.

What does online legal advice look like in practice?

Book an online legal advice appointment at takes place on a website and only takes a few minutes. After selecting your area of expertise and duration, you will briefly describe what you would like to consult with your attorney. This will help ensure that a lawyer with the right expertise is waiting for you. You will then be taken to the payment page and settled the consultation fee (by bank transfer or credit card). So you shouldn’t be surprised at the final amount of the bill at the consultation. After confirming the selected date, you will receive a link that you need to click on at the chosen time and the online legal advice will start from then on. If remote identification is required during the conversation, the attorney will inform you of everything. You may also want to prepare your ID for online legal advice.

How does Legisly come into play and who provides online legal advice?

Legisly provides the platform for consulting and contributes to the technical implementation. Just as Wolt delivers food and helps you find the right restaurant, so does Legisly get you the right way to get expert legal help. Legal advice is provided by a lawyer as if he were present in person. Trust and expertise are the same, only the environment is different.

What tools do you need to have?

Online legal advice is available from your phone, tablet, or laptop and computer. It is not mandatory to download any program (eg Skype). The Legisly platform uses a technical solution that does not require serious technical preparation or downloading an application, as the conversation can also be opened in a browser.

So what do you do if you have a legal question and seek legal advice online?

On the Legisly website, click on the online legal advice menu to book the right time and specialist advice in a few minutes.

You can do this here:

You may want to read the Hungarian Bar Association’s information on remote identification and remote scheduling HERE .

Thanks to Mazel Tov Restaurant and Bar , where we recorded our video coming soon.

online legal advice
Online legal advice is available at 21. century will be a natural service

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