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Refugees of the Russo-Ukrainian war can be granted asylum

What do you need to know about asylum status? How does the Hungarian state protect people fleeing the Ukrainian-Russian war? Hungary is the first safe country to protect those who are forced to leave their homes due to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

Protection – asylum status

If someone escapes the Ukrainian-Russian war, 56/2022. (II. 24.) He is entitled to refugee status under a government decree. This status means temporary protection in Hungary.

The personal circle

The protection extends to Ukrainian citizens coming from the territory of Ukraine and to third-country nationals legally residing in Ukraine (such as holders of a residence permit or visa). In order to ensure family unity, a family member of an alien who has been recognized as such and who is granted temporary protection by another Member State of the European Union should also be recognized as an asylum seeker, provided that the foreigner recognized as an asylum seeker agrees to the recognition.

How can someone be granted asylum?

Recognition of asylum status must be applied for by submitting an application. Proof of Ukrainian citizenship or legal residence is typically required through official documents (eg passports). However, given the situation, the authorities may grant interim protection to those who do not have the appropriate documents, but a longer hearing can be expected. The procedure is completed by the National Directorate of Immigration within 45 days.

Are there grounds for exclusion?

Yes, of course, the Hungarian state excludes the granting of temporary protection in some cases. These are typically due to national security reasons or the commission of previous crimes.

What is an asylum seeker entitled to?

The asylum seeker is also entitled to an identity document, a travel document, and, to a certain extent, benefits, support and accommodation. In addition, the person entitled to temporary protection is also entitled to work in accordance with the general rules applicable to aliens.

In the above circle, of course, the Hungarian state provides accommodation, health care and a financial contribution.

asylum status
Refugee status may be granted to those fleeing the Ukrainian-Russian war

How long does temporary protection last?

The status lasts for as long as the government deems the reason for granting the status.

What happens while the procedure lasts?

The Hungarian state accommodates guests arriving from Ukraine. However, there is no obligation to use a reception center for those who can take care of their own accommodation.

If you need help submitting your application or otherwise, please contact our colleagues at our free Legal Clinic or at any of our contact details.

The relevant Government Decree is available here.

What is the Legisly Law Clinic?

The Law Clinic is a temporary non-profit initiative joined by law students and lawyers to help those in need. Through this initiative, we provide basic information mainly to those fleeing the war conflict online.

You can ask for help at the Legal Clinic at the times advertised online. At these times, the current and current legal environment for refugees fleeing the conflict will be introduced through a consultation. Of course, Jogklnika does not provide legal advice and legal services, it only performs humanitarian activities.

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