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The point is to be online from the beginning to the end when buying and selling a property – interview with Dávid Potoczki, one of the founders of Livlia

In the summer of 2022, Livlia’s team working to digitize the real estate market worked closely with Legisly. The goal was an end-to-end service that would allow clients to take digital solutions even after buying and selling the selected property, so there is no need to travel, take a day off, or meet during the entire time of working as a lawyer. But that’s not all: the soon-to-be -launched Legisly Finance , complete with its own credit and insurance specialists, will offer the sector’s full range of customers, and this will only be the point for the two-click energy certificate . put in the basket. Keczán Pali talked to David Potoczki.

Livlia views the real estate market in the same way that Legisly views legal services: with the need for digitization. But how did you come up with the idea that you came up with it?

Livlia looks back on its past in 2017, but the concept itself has been outlined before. At that time, the domestic online real estate market was based on extremely outdated technologies compared to Western European and North American players. MVP was prepared from the continuous monitoring of the Airbnb, Zillow and Trulia portals, as well as from the collection and systematic display of publicly available data that have a direct or indirect impact on the Hungarian real estate search process, combined with modern technology and paired with the customer experience. It hovered before our eyes that searching for real estate online should not be a necessary evil, but an experience.
In 2017, we got to the point where Livlia launched its first domestic real estate market service, which was embodied in a new generation real estate portal, where the focus was on those interested and buyers. As a result, one of the most innovative real estate portals in the region in terms of the functionality of real estate portals was launched, stirring up the “stagnant water” of the Hungarian online real estate market.
From the beginning, the goal was to digitize and automate the real estate sales process chain to the highest possible level, both on the seller’s and buyer’s side. On the UI&UX side, the goal was to create a customer experience similar to that provided or still being provided by the previously mentioned Airbnb.

If we understand correctly, you are also a company formed from a group of friends. Where did you meet?

Exactly, you guess that, that’s right. Most of the founders are based on friendships at university and from other circles. It is important to add that before Livlia, the founding team had already worked on several projects, creating some startups.

We are talking about a very wide and long-standing market, yet you are at the forefront of its digitization. What are the European and domestic trends?

In the early years of Livlia, the real estate portal and its large enterprise software services became benchmarks for the development of the Hungarian online real estate market. All these, in harmony with international trends and market demands, led us to cut into the design, development and market launch of the hybrid real estate brokerage model, which is well-known in Western Europe but not yet widespread in Hungary and the CEE region. real estate market.

It’s an experience to post an ad with you: you can’t get lost in it, videos and a few sentence text boxes will help. I didn’t even notice and it was ready, the automatic contract came, so it’s really good. How much work is there in development?

First of all, thank you on behalf of the whole team (it’s always a pleasure to hear these, we would also use testimonials on Livlia landing … 🙂 There is a lot of work in development, I couldn’t quantify it now, adding that it’s not a one-time development but continuous requires wrinkle stitching, maintenance, innovation, or even complete renewal.
The team has been working with 2-3 developers since the beginning, who are also founders, so we are proactively developing by wearing more caps.

Do you do everything in-house? How many people are on the team?

We try to keep everything under control, in-house, so that we can react, plan and implement it as quickly as possible in the event of changes in the given processes. However, there are, of course, processes and sub-processes where it is currently essential for us to outsource a given activity, such as marketing: of course we have in-house marketing resources, but we work with an agency. Another example is the call center: in house we maintain a dedicated team, but we also outsource. The team currently consists of 18 people.

We have been developing it day and night since our agreement, and the goal is to soon involve a lawyer with one-click end-to-end access to the properties we sell, followed by credit, insurance and an energy certificate through Legisly Finance. All this under very good conditions . Why is a partner like Legisly good for Livlia?

I have to go back to the past again to get the full picture. We’ve discovered the tremendous potential of end-to-end services before, but it’s hard to find a company, or rather a team, with excellent expertise in a similar way to either a particular problem or even a full collaboration. Furthermore, it is important to note the customer experience, Legisly is able to ensure that a customer channeled to Livlia receives at least the same standard and almost no change is felt. Your plans for Legisly to be able to present not only insurance but the entire credit market through its own independent specialists through the platform are perfectly in line with our journey. Legisly Finance also provides credit advice to Livlia’s customers virtually anytime, anywhere for a selected property before Legisly’s collaborating real estate lawyers draft the contract. I can’t even imagine how much unnecessary travel and cost we will save this way, not to mention that the pricing set up may be one of the best on the market.

How do you see the common market advantage?

We are talking about two pioneer companies that fall into two separate market categories, but the vision, the mindset and the solution orientation are the same, and I believe that this is a key benefit in terms of collaboration, in addition to the benefits of digitization.

We are moving with product-centric thinking and it is not the service itself but the product that matters. As such, in addition to buying and selling real estate, we are also developing a full range of products – more on that later. How do you see the general customer demand?

Based on the experience of the past years, the general customer needs are clarity, transparency, simplicity (in the absolute positive sense of the word), reliability and speed. Because we have minimized personal interactions with customers, the ones listed in the previous sentence must be represented by the Livlia platform and Livlia vendors, which works very effectively. All this is reflected in our customers’ ratings.

We have a plan for the next 3 and 5 years, we hope that we will be able to work together on many levels 🙂

This is also the case for Livlia, which includes foreign expansion, mainly in the CEE region. Following the domestic cooperation, we are open to cooperating with you regarding the expansion abroad, with which we can gain many more benefits.

Thank you and good luck to you!

Thank you Pali for the opportunity and I wish you the same!

Dávid Potoczki is one of the founders and B2B sales manager of Livlia

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