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“Word of mouth will be our channel” Mashal Al Bimani, CMO of Legisly MENA in an interview with Legisly

A month ago Legisly signed a very important partnership in Oman for the MENA region. We asked Mashal Al Bimani, who leads marketing and sales about this and about the future collaboration. It was a great pleasure to see your culture, to get to know the country and the capital. We met very special and friendly people, thank you for welcoming us with such love!

You are an important colleague of Abdulwahab’s Office, what are you doing there?

I am a co-founder partner for Al Muhandis Group with Abdulwahab, and also a co-founder partner & CEO for Kalima Marketing services which is a partner with Abdulwahab’s office in Legisly MENA.

You lead the marketing and brand strategy at Legisly Oman. What is your opinion: what can be the key to success?

Success can be achieved by smart work, deep searches to understand the market and trial & error. In my humble opinion, the key to success will be through collaborating with local lawyers and legal consultants.

We will be in close cooperation in the next few months. How and in which area can we help for you?

Marketing, developing and operating for the platform will be the areas which you can help us with, because you have already started in Hungary and we can learn from your experience aligned with our understanding of the Omani market.

Legisly as a legal service platform believes in a strong brand and we follow a different path in brand building from Hungarian law firms. Which is sympathetic and usable for you from these schemes?

Strong brand will lead to huge success, I also believe in building strong brands and learn even from the international brands in legal services and online services.

In your opinion what are the solutions which can build Legisly as a well-known legal service provider in your region?

Focusing on the legal consultants and contracts consultants solutions will be very powerful if we target SMEs and individuals from 18 to 55, because I think that is what is missing in our region.

What interesting cases can you imagine for which Legisly can provide a solution with legal digitization?

I imagine that cases related to digital technologies and social media use will be very interesting as more cases related to human rights.

We opened together Legisly Oman in Muscat on January 19th. We made a presentation for almost 3 hours and after then we could see the beautiful Muscat. Was it helpful for you?

Yes, we are glad to meet you, because it will be much easier to work together. Its a special pleasure, that all of you, Máté, Levente, Ákos and you were here, I am glad that we showed our capital.

Opening ceremony at Intercontinental Muscat

What do you think: which is different in our communication and thinking in Europe and what are from these usable in Oman?

I can see that in Europe the people can be reached in many different ways, because there are many different cultures, in Oman there are few cultures and mostly not accepting all ideas, but they are all common on the need for legal awareness and strictly aware about human rights. So we can find the commons on that.

You have the plan to prepare for other openings in the MENA region. Where can be these and what are the channels you will want to use?

We see that word of mouth will be our channel, reaching people by Legisly good reputation, participating in business gatherings and engaging with entrepreneurs and investors, some other ways can be used and we will work on them together to reach the full MENA region.

Inshallah, and thank you Mashal for everything! Let our journey begin!

The Legisly team on the Muttrah Fort

Pál Keczán, co-founder of Legisly

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