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Interview with Abdulwahab Al Maimani, the founder of Abdulwahab’s Office and CEO of Legisly MENA

In the middle of January we visited Muscat, the beautiful capital of Oman to sign an agreement to expand into the MENA Region. The leader of the partner team is Abdulwahab Al Maimani, with whom we talked about the start of the cooperation between us.

A significant portfolio belongs to the Abdulwahab’s Office you lead and founded, which has interests in several countries and areas. Would you like to present the activities of your company?

The company works in different sectors, the all the enterprises under the group work in the following sectors; the manufacturing sector, the creative industry, the knowledge based economy, the technology industry, and the finance & investments sector.

Your office is located in Muscat, the capital of Oman. How many colleagues do you work with?

Our HQ is in Muscat, but we adopt a unique hiring methodology, where the majority of the employees are Flexible Remote Employees as we call them. The total count for employees are around 24, but they work from different areas in Oman such as Nizwa, Dhofar, and even Musandam.

Your investments portfolio fits almost perfectly to ‘Oman 2040 Vision’ announced by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin said. What exactly are these?

Our portfolio serves different parts of the Oman 2040 Vision in areas such as; Education, Learning, Scientific Research & National Capabilities; Partnership & Integration of Roles; Citizenship, Identity, National Heritage & Culture; and most important the Private Sector, Investment & International Cooperation.

As a multinational company you are in several countries. What are these?

We have full fledge offices in Oman, United Kingdom, and small representative and supply chain offices in Switzerland, Italy, Australia, United States, and we have our bank in Lithuania.

On 19th of January 2022 we presented the latest development between the Legisly we founded and Abdulwahab’s Office. Why did you decide to work with us? Beyond countless investments you certainly have, decisions made based on intuition and rational reasons. Which decision to work with Legisly is the result of that decision. 

The partnership with Legisly not only will support our business expansion into the Legal Sector, but it serves perfectly into our vision to create and establish international cooperations, and increase the technology penetration into the local market. Moreover, having a company such as Legisly will gives us confident in essence of having a legal partner to support us into our international operations, and provide legal advices without the need for travel.

We focused on the MENA (Middle East and South Africa) region but Legisly could also provide an opportunity to deepen the economic relations between Europe and the MENA region. What do you think about it and do you have any plans to open further and if so, when and where?

The most difficult part to start operations in Oman is the disruption of the legal sector, because the current legal system is paper intensive, and also the legal firms operate in a non-digitized manner. The early adoption of some firms would play a key success part, and also the introduction of different products that helps the normal consumers would make it a perfect digital legal environment attracting many users. The next plans after Oman would be in the GCC because such countries share very similar cultures, and in next phase, the penetration to the African market will start from Egypt.

With ‘Oman Vision 2040’ digitization is fully in line. What are the 4 pillars of this vision and which one can Legisly fit into?

Legisly can fit directly into the Competitive Economy, where this pillar is about productive and diversified; based on innovation, integration of roles and equal opportunities; driven by the private sector, and achieving comprehensive and sustainable development. Legisly fits here because of the nature of having the private sector as a disruptor to the economy, and making it more productive, and more competitive.

And the last question: you have 21 projects, but what is your favourite 5 and why?

Waqt is a watch brand, and it is project of which I can express my arts and engineering into reality. Al Maimoon Wealth Management is one of the key projects I directly supervise and it is very interesting to me because we use lot of analysis and engineering but in the financial sector. MADA is one of the project that I have worked to create from scratch with vision to create a lean based ERP system, and now this project is one of the projects having a partnership with Google. Squares is also a unique project since it was a self designed, and engineered business center we have developed, and now it is one of the key business centers in the SMEs sector. Lastly, Legisly, not because of the interview, but Legisly is a key project that gives us a unique experience in international cooperations, and also extends our experience into digitalizing the legal sector.

Thank you for the interview!

Pál Keczán, co-founder of Legisly

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